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13 Principles of Healing

By: Dr. Erin Denil, Chiropractor

I have spent many years studying what health is and how to heal.  Based on my studies and observation of people, I created a list of the major components that, when applied, people achieve their desired health and wellness goals.    The list below will describe the major components needed for healing to take place.  Many ideas on this list are ones that I have learned from other people.  I have listed some influential people associated with the philosophy when I could pin-point the concept back to one person. These are key components of people living happier and healthier lives. I was speaking with a spiritual teacher and good friend last night, Ron Kruse, and he reminded me that people are looking for peace, more than they are looking for happiness.  My objective is always to help people toward higher vibrational energy patterns of peace, love, joy, laughter, happiness, and health because these vibrational patterns feel better to me.   I do not enjoy the feeling of being angry, though I like feeling angry more than I like feeling depressed.  Being in an unhealthy state physically, chemically or emotionally seems to make life feel treacherous instead of blissful.   

A great resource on this idea is Mike Dooley’s book called, Playing the Matrix. He discusses different categories in which people are looking to manifest their goals.  He uses more generalized visualization techniques and focuses on how the item or thing we want will make us feel.  His brother, Andy Dooley, uses the saying, “Feeling First, Manifestation Second” to describe the concept that people must first align with the feeling of having what we want before we manifest it.  

Ultimately, I think people are all looking to fulfill the ultimate goal of being happy. Mike Dooley, in his book, Playing the Matrix, talks about this. Happiness can be found in the mind, of the body, and the spirit. To achieve happiness and health, there are several concepts or principles to consider.  

There are as many ways to heal as there are people on this planet because healing is ultimately unique to the individual. My list is a starting point of the basic healing principles that can propel a person forward on their health and healing journey:

  1. There are a TIME and a PLACE for all types of healing practices.
  2. All healing takes TIME, the length of time varies for each person.
  3. The body is capable of healing itself, though help putting out health fires/crises can be life-saving.
  4. The body heals relatively to its environment, which includes: physical, chemical, emotional, intellectual, sexual and spiritual components. I add in sexual because a person’s experience sexually affects so many other aspects of their environment. 
    1. An ALKALINE (Norma pH of blood is 7.35-7.45) or slightly NEGATIVE VOLTAGE (normal voltage is -25 to -20mV) in the body is the ideal state for functioning.  For more healing to occur, the best voltage is around -50mV for repair to take place. The major contributor to this information was Dr. Jerry  Tennant’s book,  Healing is Voltage.   
    2. Proper nutrition, vitamins, minerals, (micro and macronutrients) provide the body with the building blocks it needs to make quality cells and tissues. Put unhealthful fuel in the body and the body will make unhealthful cells and tissues.  
    3. Having the good “gut buddies” prosper. Dr. Stephen Gundry, MD refers to probiotics ad gut buddies, and two of his books are The Plant Paradox and The Longevity Paradox. Both give a lot of information on nutrition and probiotics.  
    4. MOVEMENT and EXERCISE are key to the cellular environment. Physiologically there are many benefits to exercise. Exercise is an excellent moving mediation and releases feel-good hormones or endorphins and enkephalins to increase emotional health as well.  
    5. POSITIVE THOUGHTS and VIBRATIONS will positively impact the physiology of the body and the emotional environment. Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book, You Are the Placebo, Bruce Lipton’s book, The Biology of Belief teaches the physiological processes behind thoughts. Other authors that have talked about the same or similar concept about positive vibrations include, but are not limited to Andy Dooley, Mike Dooley, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Abraham Hicks, Gabby Bernstein, Anita Moorjani, and Louise Hay.  
    6. Operating from a source of LOVE and FORGIVENESS for self and others offers emotional healing. Emotions may get trapped in the body physically, so operating from love and forgiveness may also help create a physical change too. Spiritual teachers like Gabby Bernstein, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Eckert Tolle, and the Bible all discuss concepts of love and forgiveness.
    7. Drinking plenty of WATER keeps the body in a better physiological balance. Depending upon the anatomy text, the body is around 70% water. Having a balance between intracellular (water inside the cell) and extracellular (water outside of the cells or between the cells) fluid levels is necessary to have good health.  In some textbooks, water is considered a nutrient now, though it doesn’t have any calories. 
    8. (Positive) SOCIAL INTERACTIONS affect health.  The more social interactions, face-to-face, that an individual has, positively contributes to overall longevity.  Susan Pinker gave a TED talk on the number one longevity factor for humans, and from her research and research she quoted, the more social interactions a person has each day, the better the longevity outcome would be.  
    9. INTELLECTUAL STIMULATION is important in healing. Boredom does not create a good environment for healing. The mind likes to be worked.  
    10. Consensual SEXUAL and other forms of PHYSICAL STIMULATION create a healthier environment because of hormone release and exercise components. HUGGING is another example. 
  5. BELIEVING that a specific modality will work matters. The belief in the treatment working is instrumental in how well the treatment works.  Faster healing takes place when belief in the treatment is expected. Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about this in his book, You Are the Placebo.
  6. Having underlying SPIRITUAL connections to source energy, whatever term the person associates with source: the Universe/ (Mother/Father) God/ Creator/ Higher Power/ Allah/ Great Spirit/ Brahma /Tao. Being connected to all-that-is, the I AM, etc. gives comfort to the individual and is part of an emotional and spiritual healing process. 
  7. Creating good COMMUNICATION between cells and the body, the body and the cells (the nervous system controls this), as well as communication intrapersonally linking thought patterns to action to self, and interpersonally how people communicate with other people. 
  8. Living life with PURPOSE and PASSION because it helps the mind and the spirit heal. 
  9. Showing/feeling/living from a state of APPRECIATION. The more a person appreciates their life, the more things that generate the appreciative feeling will manifest.  
  10. ELIMINATING TOXINS: thought patterns, people, beliefs from life, chemicals, refined sugar, unhealthful foods, as these things create a negative environment for healing. 
  11. CHOOSE THOUGHTS WISELY, because THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS (Mike Dooley) via VIBRATIONAL ACTIVATION (Andy Dooley) PATTERNS. Everything is ultimately ENERGY and creating higher frequency and positive vibrations around attract more positive vibrations.  
  12. Taking RESPONSIBILITY for a person’s own life and leaving the victim mentality behind will increase the sense of power that the person has. 
  13. Following INTUITION or the GUT FEELING will lead to the best directions to take when action is needed.

There may be more concepts or principles to consider, but the list of 13 things was pretty inclusive without being redundant.

Patients tend to ask me what they need to do to feel better. The first thought that pops into my head is, “What is the reason that they came to see me, and what do they want to accomplish as a result of their care?” It is usually a key value in their life.  Meaning, the pain or discomfort is affecting them from being, doing, or having something of great significance in their life.   The patient may be looking to play with kids/grandkids, bike, hike, fish, swim, hunt, be able to cuddle and hug a loved one without pain, start working on their life purpose, or have more energy to keep up with their activities. 

This list of principles to incorporate in life can be overwhelming at first. Picking the most important area on the list to start will likely yield the best results. It is important to trust the Inner Guidance System (IGS, thanks Andy Dooley), or the intuition to learn what the next step is for the individual looking to get well and stay well.  

I enjoy empowering people to make their own decisions. I want to help be a guide or a coach, but ultimately it is up to the individual to decide what they want. This is part of learning to take responsibility for one’s thoughts, feelings, and actions. The realization that “no one can make me feel a certain way” really helps me. It is my decision about how I feel about every encounter that I have in life. If I choose to feel happy, then I will be happy. I choose to be sad, then I will be sad. It’s pretty simple. It is still going to be tempting to blame someone else.  When I follow my hunches or my gut-level feelings, my outcomes are good.  When I do not, I have created an excellent learning opportunity to change.  It is empowering to know that I control how I feel, no one else can ever take that power away from me.   

The mind, body, spirit connection is not to be denied. Physical, chemical and emotional components can all affect the body. To me, there is no separation from any of these areas of life. One will always affect the other, positively or negatively. Health is finding the correct balance for each individual.  

To learn more about some of the healing philosophies, please see my articles in Nature’s Pathway or go online:



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