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About Dr. Erin Denil

Dr. Erin Denil
Dr. Erin Denil

Hello, I’m Dr. Erin Denil! I am a doctor, light-worker, and a healer on a mission.

My mission is to empower patients to heal themselves by helping them rediscover their personal power and healing potential. I hope to help patients recognize that the decisions they make physically, chemically, emotionally, and spiritually matter. I will do my best to show my patients how much they matter, and that they are worthy of wonderful blessings in life. I encourage and foster light, love, and laughter as a premise for healing. I truly work at being a beacon of light for the world.

I have a doctor of chiropractic degree, but that doesn’t define me; it simply describes my educational background.

I studied and worked very hard for my education, so I value it greatly, but I also acknowledge that I have been educated in the game of life as well. We all have unique experiences that help us to grow as people. My areas of interest are in studying how we heal the mind, the body, and spirit. I also enjoy physical activities such as Zumba, yoga, resistance training, and spending time outside. Science and spirit are two areas I believe merge and overlap effortlessly with how our world works.

This is what separates me from other chiropractors: I don’t just love chiropractic, I love all forms of healing. That said, I am most concerned with energy, because, ultimately, everything is ENERGY!

I enjoy working on the joints, muscles, and energy of the patients I serve. I facilitate healing and enjoy watching people regain their health. I am skilled at finding the physical cause of dis-ease in the body and love witnessing the miraculous healing potential that my patients manifest. In lieu of this, I am humble enough to refer my patients and/or offer them alternative healing options if I feel that a different approach than mine would serve them best.

All of us have the ability to change, for the better, on all levels. We have to be willing to change something to expect anything in life to really change. The truth is we are all students and teachers on life’s journey. I learn something new from every one of my patients, and I teach things as well. Healing is far more than just physical. I encourage people to explore other means of healing, because it is my heartfelt belief that when we heal on all levels, we see the most dramatic changes in our lives and have the most profound experiences along the way.

Areas of the body I work with:

  • Neck
  • Upper, Middle, & Lower Back
  • Sinuses
  • Jaw
  • Ear Ossicles
  • Shoulders
  • Ribs
  • Viscera/Abdomen
  • Elbows
  • Wrists
  • Hands
  • Hips
  • Knees
  • Ankles
  • Feet
My promises to you:

  • I promise to tell you if I think I can help you, or not
  • I promise to tell you what I think is causing the problem
  • I promise to tell you how long I think it will take for you to get well
  • I promise to tell you how much my recommendations should cost
  • I promise to refer you when appropriate
  • I promise to always do my best to help you
  • I promise to be honest, caring, and sincere
  • I promise to treat you as I would like to be treated
  • I promise to do my best to connect on a heart-level with you

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