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Dr. Erin Denil, chiropractor, is a “hidden gem,” or a “best kept secret” in Green Bay. She is also not your “typical chiropractor.” She goes above and beyond to help her patients reach their mind, body, spirit, and health-related goals. She follows her intuition and her ability to see/feel the way the body should move correctly from a biomechanics standpoint. She accomplishes the correction of physical ailments with her “magical healing hands” (as her patients refer to them), along with a wide variety of other modalities, listed below.

Chiropractic Services Offered

Initial Chiropractic Examination
Progress Examination
Spinal Adjustment
Extremity Adjustment
Muscle/Fascia Techniques
Therapeutic Exercises
Cold Laser Therapy
Kinesiology taping
Emotional Release Sound Therapy (ERST)

After hours/ weekend appointments (subject to additional fee). No-show and late cancellation fees apply; see our financial policy for details.

A recommended treatment plan will be provided to the patient after the initial consultation and examination.

Before the 1st Appointment

Please have all paperwork completed prior to the start of the appointment. Please bring all imaging and imaging reports to the initial visit so Dr. Erin Denil may review them. Please visit for printable intake forms. Please complete all the questions on the forms, and write N/A if something is not applicable.

Please let us know during the consultation if there are any questions before signing the documents. All areas that require signatures will need to be signed in order to proceed with the consultation and examination.

Initial Chiropractic Consultation and Examination

The patient will fill out a health history form, a consent to treat form, a financial policy form, and receive a copy of the Privacy Policy for the office prior to the consultation.

Please click here to view/download our new patient forms.

The consultation is an information gathering time in which the doctor will determine if the patient is a good chiropractic candidate or not and for you to decide if our office is a good fit for you. The examination helps determine what is wrong with the patient and whether we think we can help them or not. This is a very important part of beginning care in this office.

Routine Progress Examinations

Routine progress examinations will be performed to track progress of patient care. They are helpful in determining how well the patient is responding to care. This is another tool to help determine the best course of treatment for the patient.

In Anatomy and Physiology classes, the texts often taught that the function of the body was determined by the structure. When the structure of the body suffers or is altered, the function of the body has the same response.

Descriptions of subluxation were adapted from Dr. James Chestnut’s book, The 14 Foundational Premises for the Scientific and Philosophical Validation of the Chiropractic Wellness Paradigm. (page 25)

(Vertebral) Subluxation Complex

“A subluxation complex (vertebral subluxation complex when referring to the spine) is a term that chiropractors use to describe the effects of decreased or abnormal motions in the joints of the body. The subluxation (abnormal joint alignment) will cause an increase in the receptors that carry pain to the brain. This pain may be consciously or subconsciously perceived. The subluxation also causes decreased proprioception in the body.

Proprioception is a type of information gathering that the body does to let the brain know where the body is in space. This decreased information going to the brain will cause an increased stress responses in the body as well as chronic breakdown of tissues which makes the body more susceptible to disease and illness.

These changes also negatively affect the muscles and connective tissues resulting in breakdown of the tissue. When we see changes in the joint, we have neurological changes that take place as well. The changes in the nervous system may show up decreased strength, balance and coordination. The changes will lower the threshold that body has for pain and light touch on the body usually causes an increased pain sensation response on the dis-eased tissues. In other words, the increased pain can cause the body to react to a stimulus that isn’t as potent.

Again, it is important to note that the conscious mind is not always aware of the pain receptor changes and result in the body changing physiologically without having conscious pain. This is why a lot of chiropractors recommend getting the spine checked on a regular basis, regardless of the pain that a person is experiencing.”

Spinal Adjustment

Spinal Adjustment is a term that chiropractors use when referring to the correction of the Vertebral Subluxation Complex by restoring normal joint function.

Extremity Adjustment

Extremity Adjustment is a term that chiropractors use when referring to the correction of non spinal subluxation complexes. It refers to the restoration of normal joint function in the appendicular skeleton like arms, legs, hands, feet, ribs, shoulder blade etc.

Please note: At Rejuvenate Life Chiropractic, LLC, the adjustments may be performed with hands (manual) or with an instrument (impulse adjustor). There are two types of manual adjustments performed. Some are high velocity, low amplitude, meaning a quick impulse to the joint over a very short motion. The other is a low velocity, high amplitude adjustment, meaning that the joint is distracted with force over time.

Muscle Work

Soft tissue mobilization/manipulation to help release fibrous adhesions that form between muscle layers of a joint that is not moving in the correct movement pattern. This helps restore the proper functional movement patterns of the spinal or extremity joints by addressing the physiological changes that took place in the muscles and ligaments surrounding the joint with the subluxation complex.

Therapeutic Exercises

Exercises that are performed to help restore proper movement patterns of the soft tissues in the spine and extremities.


Reiki is a form of energy work that uses very light touch on various body parts to affect the energy centers of the body.

Emotional Release Sound Therapy

ERST is a technique which uses sound frequencies to clear subconscious information (emotions, allergies, addictions) that gets stored and trapped in physical locations throughout the body. ERST was developed by Craig and Bernice Worthington. Dr. Erin Denil was so impressed with the technique that she couldn’t resist learning how to help others clear subconscious blocks as well. She has utilized many other techniques thorough out her life and found ERST to be incredibly fast, efficient, and effective!

Kinesiology Taping

Kinesiology taping is a technique that lifts the skin and promotes increased blood flow and oxygen to a joint for healing. It also facilitates proper motion of a joint. It does not act to immobilize a joint, instead, it assists with normal movement patterns.

Cold Laser Therapy or Low Level Laser Therapy

This is a form of light therapy. Again, light is a form of energy. The light stimulates portions of our cells (mitochondria) that are the powerhouse of the cell. The laser light can be set at different frequencies which penetrate a different depth of tissue, at a different energy level, and can then stimulate multiple types of cells like muscle, bone and skin. This is a wonderful adjunctive therapy to joint and muscle work as well as helps to speed up the healing process.

Energy Work

Many people have heard of things like hydrogen, oxygen, gold, platinum, carbon etc. all of which are elements on the periodic table. What makes up these elements are little balls of energy consisting of positive, neutral and negatively charged particles (protons, neutrons and electrons).

The way that these small (subatomic) particles interact with one another is what makes up the substances of the earth. Energy work is just the term people give to a treatment modality that can alter the flow in which energy is moving throughout the body. There is a large body of research in physics that is proving what ancient healing texts have been talking about for thousands of years. A great book referencing this energy is called The Field by Lynne McTaggart.

Choosing the right provider

Choosing the right heath care provider(s) is important on the journey of returning toward a state of health. At Rejuvenate Life Chiropractic, our objective is to release any blocks in the body, so the body can heal itself and the patient can discover their own inner healing power. The body is ultimately responsible for healing itself.

When a finger is cut, a person may get stitches, but the body has to close the wound and heal the tissue. The stitches were an aid in the healing process, but not responsible for healing. The best advice on choosing a heal care provider is to trust a gut instinct, the inner guidance system, intuition etc.

There is no one end-all, be-all, cure-all. Many people heal from an accumulation of positive lifestyle choices that are adapted into regular routines. Chiropractic care is one of the best health/lifestyle choices a person can make to maintain the health and the adaptability of the body.